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Sichuan Province "improve management to promote healthy development comprehensive diagnosis and improvement services" project was launched in our company

In order to implement the major decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee and the provincial Party committee and government to promote the healthy development of small and medium-sized enter

Chuanli officially changed its name to Zigong Chuanli Technology Co., Ltd.

Chuanli officially changed its name to Zigong Chuanli Technology Co., Ltd. due to the development on January 5, 2016.The business license has been awarded with Tax code: 91510300620714557Y.Other changes are progressing orderly.

Chuanli consultant appointment ceremony launched

In order to promote the construction of the Chuanli's technology,Strengthen industry university research cooperation,financial management,Xu Zhongxing, Ou Zhenhu and Chen Xueyun are employed as consultants of Chuanli on July 3, 2017.Xu Zhongxing employed as Assistant General Manager.Shi Yang, general manager of Chuanli, issued the letter of appointment. Consultant profile Xu Zhongxing, male, professor level senior engineer, expert on government special allowance of the State Council.At present, he is a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee of metal cutting machine tools and deputy director of milling machine branch,Member of Technical Committee of China Mould Industry Association,Member of Sichuan Mechanical Engineering Society,Vice president of Zigong science and Technology Association. Ou Zhenhu, male, senior engineer,Member of powder metallurgy special committee of Sichuan Mechanical Engineering Association,Executive director of Zigong science and technology association. Chen Xueyun, male, senior economist. Former director of the State Administration of Taxation of Da'an District, Zigong City.

Huang Liping, from Chuanli, won the title of 2016-2020 model worker of Zigong City


Warmly congratulate Chuanli with entering the top 10 industrial comprehensive strength level in Zigong city

Warmly congratulate our company to enter Zigong City industrial comprehensive strength of the top ten

Pay attention to our


Address: No. 9 Rongchuan Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Zigong City, Sichuan Province

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